3rd 4th Grade Quest


This fun, educational trivia game was designed by an elementary teacher as a teaching aid to introduce children to their grade level curriculum. Topics include science, math, language arts, social studies, health, safety, and more! The game consists of 800 questions based on two U.S. grade levels, 3rd and 4th, and can be played with up to three children or teams/groups. Everyone's progress is tracked by an in-game point system and a visual map of a child going on an adventure. Easy to use and full of great information, 3rd 4th Grade Quest is perfect for school, home, groups, one-on-one, and travel!


This app was developed alongside three others as part of a series. They all use the same HTML/Javascript template, but the questions and graphics are swapped out for each one. The sound effects are public domain; I purchased the background graphics from a studio called GamElves.

The child characters, however, were actually drawn by my father. The Quest games started out as a tangible card game several years ago that my parents designed and marketed. At the time, the questions were aligned to the educational Common Core. Before the apps were released in 2013, we went through and updated all of the questions, but I can't vouch if they still meet the core standards.


3rd 4th Grade Quest screenshot 3rd 4th Grade Quest screenshot