Who Let the Dogs Fart?


A simple, no-nonsense game about farting dogs. No in-app purchases, no ads, and no fishy permissions. In Who Let the Dogs Fart?, the goal is to earn points by tapping on the dogs whenever they wag their tails. If you miss, the dogs will fart. As you earn more points, the dogs get faster, and if three dogs fart, it's game over.

Save up to ten high scores on your device and upload your scores to the Top 100 global leaderboards. Or take on a friend in the iOS-exclusive local multiplayer mode where you must tap the dogs on your side before your opponent taps his/hers. But if you miss in the multiplayer mode, your score gets cut in half. Ouch!


The gameplay concept and dog art were provided by my father, who really wanted to play a part in making a mobile game. The other graphics and sound effects were taken from open source libraries while the title music was provided by Kevin MacLeod.

I originally wanted to use HTML5 to make the game, but Javascript doesn't run very well on lower-end Android devices. So I had to learn Java specifically for this project (which was a very painful experience). When it came time to port it to the iPhone, however, I switched back to HTML5 and completely re-wrote it. Because HTML programming goes a lot faster for me, I added extra content to the iOS version in the form of a two-player mode.

Even the Android version still uses a piece of HTML, though. The high score list is an HTML page that sends an Ajax request to my own server/database, where the scores are saved. You can view the high score list online here. At the time of this writing, the high score is 239 points!


Who Let the Dogs Fart? screenshot Who Let the Dogs Fart? screenshot