Build 'n Bump


Inspired by the classic DOS game Jump 'n Bump, Build 'n Bump is a multiplayer-only, 2D head-stomping brawler where you build your own levels right before you play on them! It features...


This was a port/remake of the game I originally released on the Xbox Live marketplace in 2012. In fact, in 2013, I made a quick and dirty HTML5 port that could be played in a browser. For the PC version, I continued where I left off with the HTML5/Javascript code and beefed it up considerably, taking into account a lot of the feedback the first game received. For instance, many players wanted to be able to save their levels, which you can totally do now.

The game was packaged with Node Webkit, which allowed me to deliver it as a native app across multiple operating systems. I used the library to facilitate online play and the greenworks library to implement Steam achievements. The robot characters were drawn by me, but most of the other art assets were taken from various royalty free icon packs. The music was provided by Kevin MacLeod, with the sound effects coming from DrPetter's SFXR program.


Build 'n Bump screenshot Build 'n Bump screenshot