Hello, my name is Clark, though when I make games, I go by Roppy Chop. I'm a web developer and teacher by day. In my free time, though, I love playing and making video games. I started making commercial video games in 2011 for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, but my interest in game development extends further than that.


When I was in middle school, my mother bought me a program called Klik & Play that let you make your own computer games using a drag-and-drop interface. I loved that software and spent a good chunk of my after school time creating shooters, platformers, and local multiplayer games.

In college, I initially studied computer science, with my first language being Visual Basic. I didn't like the activities we did in class, though, so I would use the concepts the teacher introduced and apply them to making games on my own. But when that wasn't satisfying enough, I would return to Klik & Play (or its successor, The Games Factory) for my game dev fix.

The last Games Factory game I made was in 2005, and I kind of gave up on game design after that. I started pursuing digital media as my major in college and wanted to focus more on my writing. I also moved to China in 2008 and didn't program anything while I was there. But then I moved back to the US in 2010, bought an Xbox 360, discovered the XBLIG channel, and said, "I'm gonna do that now." And the rest is history.

Learn more about my journey into game development—and relationship with video games in general—by checking out my memoir called Growing Up Gamer.


Feel free to contact me at roppy {at} roppychop {dot} com

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