Games by Roppy Chop Studios

Bub Block

Released: June 2021

Available on: Steam

Dodge the spinning blades while trying to trap your opponents with blocks! Each round is fully customizable, from how fast the blades move to how many blocks you can carry to the ability to turn into a ghost and seek revenge after you die.

Bub Block has gone through many iterations over the years. As a teenager, I made a very rough version of this concept in a game maker program called Klik 'n' Play. In 2011, I rebuilt the game in XNA and C# and released it on the Xbox 360 through their indie games service. It... received mixed reviews at the time.

Years later, I started learning Unity by building the 3D game On Key Up. I also wanted to see how Unity worked from a 2D perspective, so I once again rebuilt Bub Block from scratch. Now that it is on Steam, though, that gave me a chance to finally implement online multiplayer via the Steamworks APIs.

Side note, the sound effects were all created by me. I've made them available on with a CC0 license.