Games by Roppy Chop Studios

Build 'n Bump

Released: July 2015

Available on: Steam

Inspired by the classic DOS game Jump 'n Bump, Build 'n Bump retains all of the same head-stomping, multiplayer fun with a twist. You can build your own levels right before you play on them!

Build 'n Bump was originally an Xbox 360 indie game that I released in 2012. This PC "port" was rebuilt from scratch using JavaScript and the NW.js framework. Unfortunately, going with JS has proven to be a mistake. Keeping NW.js up to date is a headache, and the limitations of the framework prevent me from being able to use the Steamworks APIs for online multiplayer.

Players can still technically play online thanks to the web-based library, but it requires players to either be on the same network or know how to open a port on their router. So... not ideal. But the "online" mode was a last-minute addition, anyway, just to see if I could even pull it off.

The reason I made the game in the first place is that I loved playing Jump 'n Bump when I was younger and always wanted a similar game on the Xbox. While there were plenty of games that mimicked the basic gameplay, none of them were nearly as fun. They all felt off. So I finally decided to make my own and painstakingly recreated the same physics by playing Jump 'n Bump in a mini window while simultaneously programming the game!