Games by Roppy Chop Studios

Doggo Dig Down

Released: November 2018

Available on: Steam

Embark (ha, ha, bark...) on a quest to bury a very important bone. Suck up blocks with your dirtpack and build into the sky to get them out of the way. The higher you build, the more power-ups you'll find to help you dig deeper. Can you reach the bottom of the world... or the top?

This had been a long-awaited sequel/remake to a game I released on the Xbox 360 in 2012 called
Craftimals: Build to the Sun. While Craftimals was my best-selling Xbox indie game, I didn't want to just port it over as-is for PC. I also didn't know what I could do to improve the original mechanics. After years of sitting on it, I finally decided to combine Craftimal's "build up" design with a more traditional, grid-based "mining" game.

Unfortunately, I think I was too late to capitalize on Craftimal's goodwill. Reception to Doggo Dig Down has not been great. But I still want to improve the experience and recently released a major update that added a grappling hook, among other things! So we're slowly getting there...