Games by Roppy Chop Studios

The Easy HTML Practice Game

Released: October 2013

Available on: Google Play Amazon Appstore

Want to learn the basics of HTML without having to write any actual code? The Easy HTML Practice Game, with its approachable drag and drop interface, is a great starting point for absolute beginners and a fun refresher for more experienced programmers. Across 50 levels, you will build a series of small websites by simply moving HTML tags around the screen. Watch your changes come to life without any coding whatsoever!

This was my attempt to take the basic concept of Super Markup Man and translate it to a mobile device. Because you need a keyboard to play Markup Man, however, I couldn't keep the same platformer design. The game ended up being a simpler drag-and-drop application.

In the spirit of teaching HTML, I used web dev technologies to make the game. The HTML/JS files were originally delivered through a native Java WebView. In 2020, I rebuilt the outer framework in React Native. The core HTML/JS logic has remained the same, though.

There is an iOS version, too, but because the Apple App Store requires a $100 annual developer fee, it hasn't been worth it to me to keep the game on there.