Doggo Dig Down

Embark (ha, ha, bark...) on a quest to bury a very important bone. Suck up blocks with your dirtpack and build into the sky to get them out of the way. The higher you build, the more power-ups you'll find to help you dig deeper. Can you reach the bottom of the world... or the top?

Featuring chill music, full voice narration, and cute graphics, this casual crafting game is suitable for any pace. Speedrun to the end, take your time constructing pixel art, or turn on "Ice Mode" for an extra challenge. Unlock new colors to paint with, hats to wear, and even a jetpack. The sky is (literally) the limit!


This had been a long-awaited sequel/remake to Craftimals: Build to the Sun on the Xbox 360. I didn't want to just port over that game as-is for PC, but I also didn't know what I could do to improve the original mechanics. After years of sitting on it, I finally decided to combine Craftimal's "build up" design with a more traditional, grid-based "mining" game.

Doggo Dig Down was re-built entirely from scratch using C# and the MonoGame library. While the background landscapes were taken from one of Kenney's free asset packs, all of the other art is brand new courtesy of my wife. The sound effects came from I used Chill Carrier's Lucky Robot album for the music. In-game narration was recorded by dawndanielsdj, a fiverr freelancer.


screenshot of dog building into the sky screenshot of dog digging underground