Pew Pew Puzzle Defense

Inspired by action puzzle games like Puzzle Bobble and tower defense hybrids, Pew Pew Puzzle Defense combines multiple genres for fast-paced arcade fun. Build and upgrade towers, shoot down chained block colors, and collect enough coins to get the high score. Switch between different field sizes, difficulty levels, single-player, and local co-op or versus modes!

Key features:


Tower defense hybrids (particularly those with co-op support) are some of my favorite games. So I'm always thinking of ways to introduce TD elements to other genres. Side note: the theme song from Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-a-Move) constantly gets stuck in my head. One day, when that song was playing in my head again, it suddenly struck me: What if those kind of puzzle games had different towers to build and play with?

Development began before I had even finished my last project, Doggo Dig Down, and used the same C#/MonoGame architecture. The art assets came from many different sources—public domain, fellow developers on, custom-made—while all sound effects and music were provided by PlayOnLoop.


screenshot of single player fending off blocks screenshot of two players shooting at blocks