Games by Roppy Chop Studios

Tracing Circles for Well-Rounded Practice

Released: February 2020

Available on: Google Play Amazon Appstore

Practice drawing the perfect circle by tracing the provided template. Go for accuracy or speed; we'll track both! Your last 50 attempts are plotted on a convenient line graph. Can you improve over time? We think so!

I'd used the React Native framework earlier to port/rebuild some of my older Android apps, but that experience didn't leave me feeling like I truly "knew" React Native. I felt like I still needed to make something from scratch.

Meanwhile, I'd been sitting on this "draw a circle every day" idea for a while but never acted on it, because mobile development felt like a waste of time. However, React is an important part of my day job, and I wanted to expand my React repertoire. So I finally bit the bullet and made Tracing Circles just for the practice. And would you know it, it's become my favorite mobile project!