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Grade School Trivia Quest

Released: January 2020

Available on: Google Play Amazon Appstore

This fun, educational trivia game was designed by an elementary teacher as a teaching aid to introduce children to their grade level curriculum. Topics include science, math, language arts, social studies, health, safety, and more! The game consists of eight grade levels (preschool, kindergarten, and 1st through 6th grade) with a bank of 400 questions each. Rounds are intended to be played with a parent/teacher and child, though students who are at a reading level can certainly use it for self-study. Grade School Trivia Quest is perfect for school, home, groups, one-on-one, and travel!

The app is a consolidated version of four separate trivia games that I had previously released in 2014 under the names 1st 2nd Grade Quest, 3rd 4th Grade Quest, etc. Those games were HTML/JS apps plopped into a Java WebView. This new version was rebuilt using React Native with the intention that it would be free (ad-based) instead of premium, as the old apps were.

The questions themselves started out as a tangible card game many years ago that my parents designed and marketed. At the time, the questions were aligned to the educational Common Core. Before the apps were released in 2014 (and again in 2020), we went through and updated all of the questions, but I can't vouch if they still meet the core standards today.

There is an iOS version, too, but because the Apple App Store requires a $100 annual developer fee, it hasn't been worth it to me to keep the game on there.