Bub Block

A frantic multiplayer battle where players trap each other with bricks while avoiding spinning blades. Fully customize your game from how fast the blades move to how many bricks you can carry to the ability to turn into a ghost after you die.


Bub Block was my first commercial game and first release on the Xbox Live Indie channel. The idea came from a game I had made several years earlier in Klik & Play. You can download the original Bub Block Escape here, though it only runs on Windows and may not install on newer versions. And it should be said that the original wasn't very good, anyway.

Bub Block for the Xbox was made using C# and the XNA library. All of the graphics were drawn by me, and the sound effects were recorded using household objects. The saw, for instance, is the sound of a vacuum cleaner. I've released the complete SFX pack as public domain on OpenGameArt.org. The original soundtrack was created by composer Boost Power and is available as a free download on Bandcamp.


"Bub Block is the kind of game that should have been a multiplayer retro classic. I've searched my memory banks, but can find nothing that even comes close to the core gameplay mechanic." — Brash Games

"What this game does well is that it gives you several options and different controls to make the multiplayer more engaging and fun to play." — Smoking Monkey Productions

"It's a fantastic offline multiplayer extravaganza." — Writings of Mass Destruction


screenshot of players dropping blocks screenshot of players running away from blades