Build 'n Bump

Inspired by the classic game Jump 'n Bump, this retains all of the same head-stomping, multiplayer fun with a twist. You can build your own levels right before you play on them! Take turns using regular, platform, and spring blocks to create a unique battle field every time. Featuring colorful robots and customizable options, Build 'n Bump is a great addition to any local multiplayer party.


I loved playing Jump 'n Bump and always wanted someone to make a similar game for XBLIG. While there were plenty of games that mimicked the basic gameplay, none of them were nearly as fun. They all felt off. So I finally decided to make my own and painstakingly recreated the same physics by playing Jump 'n Bump in a mini window while simultaneously programming the game. It still needed its own gimmick, though. I went with the level building aspect, since my last two Xbox games both had something to do with placing your own blocks.

Sadly, Build 'n Bump was my last XBLIG project. It was written in C# and was finished in roughly one month. I originally wanted to include AI bots but found this too difficult to implement. My AI was incredibly stupid and wouldn't be able to keep up on some of the crazier levels players were sure to design. The graphics were again done by me, but the sound effects were created in DrPetter's SFXR program, and the music was selected from Kevin MacLeod's royalty-free library.


"This incredibly simplistic concept translates into hours upon hours of fun." — The Michigan Daily

"It sounds too simple to be good, but the idea of quick and dirty level creation tools paired with fast and frantic gameplay is surprisingly compelling." — Writings of Mass Destruction

"Build 'n Bump follows the tried and true formula of a simplistic, appealing and family friendly game with a competitive undertone." — Smoking Monkey Productions


screenshot of robots jumping around screenshot of robots jumping around