Craftimals: Build to the Sun

One part crafting game and one part 2D platformer, Craftimals lets you build your own way to the top! Play single-player or local co-op and help the animals reach the sun. Checkpoints along the way give you new powers and hats. Find out what happens when you touch the sun, or simply have fun building and creating pictures out of blocks!


Craftimals was my attempt to capitalize on the "crafting" craze that was sweeping the Xbox indie scene at the time. It was built specifically with co-op in mind, so much so that I almost abandoned the project when I initially couldn't get splitscreen to work. To promote the game, I held a contest to see who could make the best picture within the game world. Some of the contestants went the extra mile and submitted video entries, which you can check out here and here.

Craftimals was my second XBLIG release and was also programmed in C#. The craftimal characters were designed by my wife, while all other graphics were done by me. Unlike Bub Block, though, the sound effects were culled from open source libraries. The original soundtrack was created by Boost Power and is available to download for free from Bandcamp.


"Why does continuously building higher and higher result in fun? I couldn't tell you, but I had a really hard time prying myself away from this game." — Kotaku

"Sometimes, it's not about winning the game, it's how you play. Craftimals: Build to the Sun embodies that message in an adorable little package." — Freakin' Awesome Network

"With a mixture of structured and free-play, it's a fun download for families with younger kids looking for a new, inexpensive game." — Family Friendly Video Games


screenshot of a bear building a tree screenshot of a tiger building a space rocket